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The Trend of China Laundry Industry in 2018
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Summary:In the second half of November, winter has arrived in the country. Meanwhile, related preparations of China Laundry Expo 2018 are hot in progress.

In the second half of November, winter has arrived in the country. Meanwhile, related preparations of China Laundry Expo 2018 are hot in progress.

From November 20th to 25th, managements of the organizers of China Laundry Expo, Mr. Pan Wei, Director of China Laundry Association (CLA), Ms. Han Xiuping, Vice Secretary-General of CLA and GM of Unifair Exhibition Company, Ms. Tao Yuting, Vice Sales GM, Ms. Coco Chen, Project Director and Ms. Echo Jee, International Department Manager, totally five persons went to Shanghai and began the one-week enterprise visiting and research. They have visited more than twenty enterprises, which included ECOLAB, SECAIDE, MIELE, JENSEN, SAILSTAR, BÖWE, Ferrotec, ALLIANCE, Olin, VEIT, AOHAO, AOSHANG, YASEN, BOZHU, Chuandao, GAMESAIL, JIESHEN, GIRBAU SHENGUANG, LAUNDRYMATE, KANNEGIESSER,  BAIQIANG, LUJING, FOQING, etc., to understand the enterprisesproduction and operation in 2017 and the marketing plan in 2018, and exchange industry development information.

During the visit, several equipment manufacturers indicated that the finishing equipment would be one of the main breakthroughs of Chinas laundry industry development in the next few years. It is not the speed of washing that restricts the production efficiency of laundry factories, but the efficiency of the finishing process. In the last 2 to 3 years, competitive laundry factories have equipped with tunnel washers and the laundry efficiency has been improved evidently. However, the production efficiency is decided by the whole set of system. As the speed of front-end washing is improved, the finishing process has a large backlog of work waiting for processing, which influences the production efficiency. Hence, laundry factories have urgent demand for finishing equipment of high-efficiency, low-energy and labor-saving.

In China Laundry Expo 2017, enterprises such as SEA-LION, WEISHI, SAILSTAR, GIRBAU SHENGUANG, etc. demonstrated their latest finishing equipment. Visitors were amazed by the innovative design and speedy processing ability of SEA-LIONs intelligent suspending temporary storage system, high speed double-side ironer and automatic high-speed folder. SAILSTARs CEHF-33-3 cloth-feeder has delivery function of three stations, high-efficiency delivery and high-quality flattening. CEF series folder has the domestic leading folding technology and the folding efficiency can be increased by four times. WEISHIs automatic garment drying and finishing logistics delivery system and medical garment finishing system have various functions in one machine. The machine can recognize and distribute automatically, which saves energy and labor, improves efficiency greatly. GIRBAU SHENGUANGs direct combustion ironer and dryer are changed from traditional steam heating to direct combustion gas heating, which have characteristics of low energy and high efficiency. Booths of these enterprises attract many buyers to visit and consult.

Besides, Chuandaos ultra-speed ironing line which can iron 1200 sheets every hour mostly. JENSENs gas heating dryer, elastic slot type ironer, ultra-speed folder and edge free cloth-feeder. Ferrotecs rolling ironer, AFR series hybrid ironer, ATF tunnel ironer, etc. all got many customers approval.


Executives of equipment manufacturers said in the forthcoming 2018, they would go on promoting the research and innovation of finishing process equipment and there would be more new products launched onto the market. Mr. Wang Gang, GM of Shanghai Aoshang Automation Machinery Company, said that they are researching and developing a series of garment finishing equipment which would be launched in China Laundry Expo 2018. It can be foreseen that next year will be the booming period for finishing equipment in particular, which is expected in China Laundry Expo 2018.

In addition to the finishing equipment, laundry enterprises have been working on the automation and intelligent upgrade of laundry workshop process, aiming to realize automatic control of the whole process including linen loading, washing, uploading, drying, ironing, folding, delivering, etc. and liberate the workforce. SGS green laundry system of SAILSTAR is in customization combination, making the laundry process achieve systematic management and automatic production, and maximizing return on investment for customers, and get the favour of many laundry factory bosses. It is known that YASEN will feature the new IWS integrated laundry system next year. Its unique integrated mode improves the efficiency, suitable for the laundry of various kinds of linen, which also has high cleanliness and save time and labor.

In the era of big data, data management technology of laundry industry has rapid development in recent years. All kinds of laundry management systems, software and terminal products are mushrooming on the market. In China Laundry Expo 2017, the number and exhibition area of laundry information technology enterprises increase providently. Mr. Zhang Liangcheng, chairman of Shanghai Bozhu Technology Company indicated that China Laundry Expo was a diverse platform and they hoped to promote the industry information technology and intelligent development process through the platform.

We learn a lot from the visit. As a member of laundry industry, we are excited at the vitality, creativity and explosive power of the flourishing development of the laundry industry. Leaders of the enterprises thought highly of China Laundry Expo. They expressed their intention to participate in China Laundry Expo 2018 and gave much valuable advice on the organization of the exhibition.

China Laundry Expo 2018 will be the largest and the most exciting ever undoubtedly. Exhibitors will showcase their up-to-date know-how. At that time, there will be an amazing competition among finishing equipment, automatic equipment and intelligent products.


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